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Booking a Ride


Priority Service


Serving You Better is as Simple as 1,2,3

Customers of ATC receive curb-to-curb service. Unlike a taxi service that provides one-on-one travel service, Public Transit Demand Response (dial-a-ride) service works in time ranges by grouping rides within the same area utilizing one vehicle and routes are determined daily by customer demand. It may be necessary to make several stops before your destination to accommodate other passengers. Please keep this in mind when making travel requests.

The ATC has established the following priorities for day to day service:

  • Priority 1: Riders with standing or reoccurring orders that happen on a consistent basis can schedule those rides up to 60 days in advance.  This allows us to set hourly routes and thus will be given the first priority.
  • Priority 2: Riders that call at least one hour prior to your desired pick up time allow us to place that ride on our route schedule prior to the driver leaving the center.  
  • Priority 3: Riders that call less than one hour prior to their desired pick up time may be included in an already dispatched route if it fits our schedule. There is no guarantee that these calls can be placed in a current route, and most likely will be added to the next available route.
Call ATC Dispatch at 463-6016 to book your ride.  We take rides up to 60 days in advance. 
  • Did you just make a Doctor or Dentist appointment?  Call ATC for your ride.
  • Does your child have an upcoming summer camp?  Call ATC for your ride.
  • Plan on going shopping tomorrow or later this week?  Call ATC for your ride. 
With a little pre-planning on your part, we can make arrangements that work for nearly everyone!

Standing Orders


A standing order is a scheduling practice that allows passengers to request the same service, i.e. a reoccurring trip, for several days or weeks without having to call each day or week to schedule.   For example, a person that has a medical appointment every Monday afternoon might call at the beginning of each month to schedule all of his or her Monday afternoon trips for that month.   The person would call back only if a trip were to be cancelled.   Standing Orders receive Priority 1.

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Office: (989)463-4444

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