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Alma Mountain Bike Trail

2.5 Miles of Single Track, Trail is made up of 6 sections.
        Sections 1, 2 & 3 can each be its own loop
        Sections 4, 5 & 6 must be ridden together

Section 1.  .41* miles, 2 slight inclines, obey Stop Sign as trail does cross dirt road

Section 2.  .95* miles, 3 slight inclines, 1 small stream crossing that can have water in the spring.
                  5 small log crossings that are not difficult.  2 larger log crossings but a bypass option is available

Section 3.  .56* miles, ride on top of a small ridge.  This section will end close to a paved road,
                  ride on grass-DO NOT ride on pavement with traffic

Section 4.  .12* miles, section start in a meadow just off the paved road

Section 5.  .08* miles, begins in another section of the meadow-watch for deer as they like this section.
                   The ridge from Section 3 is visible to the right

Section 6.  .42* miles, 2 inclines; 1 short & steep, 1 more gradual.  Obey Stop Sign as trail ends at pavement.
                  Choose to begin another lap or to end your ride.

*not all cycle odometers will read the same mileage

The Trail is located in the Pine River Park & Outdoor Center,
(road is between boat launch area and the cemetery)
Drive/ride past the playground, continue to brick restroom building.  Plenty of parking in that area.
Ride past the gate (if the gate is closed, there is ample space to ride around it) Trailhead will be on the right.  Sign will read  "Bike Trail Section 1".

Mountain Bike Trail
Trail Map and Details
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