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Public Works


The Public Works Division is responsible for the maintenance of all City streets, maintenance and repairs for the sanitary and storm sewers, operation of the City Equipment and Motor Pool, maintenance of most City owned buildings and the surrounding grounds, all City parks and Riverside cemetery. This Division maintains eight major buildings, several minor structures such as park restrooms, playground equipment, picnic shelters, and the cemetery mausoleum and all buildings and structures at the Gratiot Community Airport.  The also maintain over 38 acres at the cemetery, 10 parks composed of nearly 50 acres, and the grounds areas at the Municipal Building, Library and the Public Works Garage.

City crews also maintain the street lights in the Central Business District, parking lot lights in the City owned parking lots and the street lighting located along Heather Lane and Warwick Drive from Wright to Charles Avenue.  This Division is responsible for the placement and maintenance or replacement of traffic signs and control devices located along City streets and the Business Route 127. They also maintain the yard waste site, weekly collection of yard waste from April through October, the annual Hazardous Waste Program, and annual fall leaf collection services.

Crews of this Division also maintain the general condition of the Central Business District. Snow removal from City sidewalks within this district is performed by members of Public Works. Snow removal involves plowing 6.26 miles of sidewalk to complete the district.

The equipment and the people of this division form the most recognizable services provided to city residents, such as snowplowing in the winter months, to repairs on our streets and the flushing of sewer mains.

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