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Rate Schedules

Minimum Charge (Monthly)
Meter Size:
< 1 inch
1 inch
1.25 inches
1.5 inches
2 inches
3 inches
4 inches
6 inches
8 inches
Consumption Charge (Price per 1,000 gallons)
First 25,000 gallons
Next 175,000 gallons
Over 200,000 gallons
Effective 7/1/2018
Over 4.5 million by special agreement. In absence of such agreement, the rate shall be $2.21 per 1,000 gallons.

Minimum Charges for Multiple User. When any premises containing three or more dwelling units defined as a self contained unit with kitchen and bath facilities served by a single meter, the monthly minimum charge shall be equal to the minimum charge for the single dwelling unit as determined by the meter size serving such unit, plus $7.21 for each additional unit.

Water bills are produced on the first of the month and are rendered immediately due and payable and may be paid without late charge up to and including the Twentieth day, after the billing date when rendered and shall thereafter be subject to a ten (10%) percent late charge.

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