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The Public Works Division is also responsible for maintenance of streets and sewer utilities in the City Right-of-Ways. Street maintenance includes such obvious routine duties such as snow removal and repairs to the surface of the street and shoulder repairs and minor resurfacing, to the placement of patches caused by utility repairs. Less obvious is the maintenance of 53 miles of storm sewers and 1,645 catch basins located within the City Right-of-Ways.


Do You Have Sewer Problems?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

Where is my sewer line?
The City of Alma does not keep records of sewer laterals connected to the sewer main. We consider the lateral to be the property of the home owner.  We can provide a rough idea where the main is, as it is typically in the center of the street. The main will be located on any Miss Dig calls as well. 
What/where does my responsibility start and what is the City's responsibility?
The City is only responsible for the sewer main line. The sewer lateral belongs to the home owner and is 100% their responsibility to maintain and repair, even inches from the main line. 

What if I believe the City's main is at fault?
Nearly all obstructions occur within a service lead. Therefore, the City has enacted a "sanitary sewer policy" whereby the home owner is encouraged to have a plumber check their sewer system first. The City can investigate and flush the main but if no problem is found, then the home owner will be invoiced for the cost. If your plumber finds fault in the City's main, then the City will reimburse for reasonable and customary plumbing bills. 

What if repair is needed?
If your sewer has to be dug up to be repaired, the City requires a permit to be obtained to dig within the right-of-way, which is the City owned property along the roadway. This permit will have rules with it and must be obtained two business days before any work is done. The cost will vary depending on the extent of the work involved. A contractor is required to obtain this permit. Most contractors in the area are familiar with our rules and fees. 
If you have additional questions, please feel free to call Dave Ringle at 463-8346.

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