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Shared Tree Planting Program

Residents interested in participating in the Shared Tree Planting program contribute the cost of a tree (approximately $130) to be placed in their adjacent terrace. The City provides the labor and equipment to plant the tree and provides post planting care. Trees planted under the program are placed during the next available planting season.  You may choose the type of tree you would like planted based upon criteria established by the City Forester.  Interested residents should contact the City Forester
Did you know...
Trees provide cooling summer shade for homes, reducing air conditioning costs. Along streets, trees provide welcome shade, and make communities more pleasant and attractive. A community with trees can be as much as 12 degrees cooler in summer than those without the protection trees provide. In winter, trees slow cold winds and reduce heating costs!

Trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of homes provide the best shade during summer mornings and afternoons, while minimizing unwanted winter shade.

Trees planted on the south side of homes will not provide shade unless planted very close because the sun is directly overhead in the summer. In the winter, such trees may produce unwanted shade.

The cooling effects of shade are obvious, but less so is the cooling effect of the transpiration of moisture from tree leaves. A large tree is like a huge evaporative air conditioner, pumping cool water vapor into the atmosphere, absorbing heat as the water vapor evaporates. That's why it feels so cool and fresh when you enter a woods on a hot day. Even if you use an air conditioner, planting shade trees near it will lessen its heat load considerably and save electricity. Large shade trees properly planted around a house may even preclude the need for an air conditioners in temperate climates.

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