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The City of Alma is a "walkable" community.  With the Riverwalk, Fred Meijer Heartland Trail and the miles and miles of sidewalk throughout the City, residents and visitors can walk or ride just about anywhere.  Often questions arise regarding who is responsible for sidewalks and how they are repaired.  We hope the following information can answer those questions.

The adjoining property owner is responsible for maintaining sidewalks. Snow removal is property owner's responsibility.


The City has a systematic approach to repairing sidewalks. Each year the City repairs sidewalks in a section of the City. When the City targets an area for repair. The Engineering staff inspect all the sidewalks in the area. Damaged or uneven sections or marked for repair. The affected property owners receive a letter explaining the program and telling them which squares in front of their property must be replace or repaired. The city residents have an option to replace the walk segments themselves or they can ask the city for assistance and share costs 50/50 with the city. If the resident elects to repair the sidewalk themselves, the City will share in the cost.  For details of how this works, call Dave Ringle at 989-463-8346 for follow the link to the detailed program description.


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