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Significant Events

The Village of Alma sells $5000.00 in bonds to fund a new water works system. This new system pumped river water directly into a network of wooden piping and was used for fire protection, sprinkling, flushing wastes, and industrial use without treatment. Drinking water was supplied from two ground water public fountains. Residents wishing to have their own water supply often dug shallow wells for this purpose.
The City of Alma develops a potable ground water supply at Water Works Park . The park, located at the current City Hall site, consisted of a group of 14 wells connected to a single suction pipe. The total capacities of these wells were 800,000 gallons/day.
200,000 gallon elevated storage tank is built at Water Works Park for storage of drinking water.

Increasing water demands in the late 1920's and early 30's forced the city to drill two new production wells. The pumping of these new wells lowered the water levels at Water Works Parks to a point that it could no longer be used and was abandoned in 1931. Five additional wells would be installed during the 1940's and 50's as demands increased.

Taste and odors in the water on the North Central part of town during the late 1940's prompts an investigation by the Michigan Geological Survey. Investigation reveals an oil refinery waste pit leaking wastes containing Phenol into the groundwater. The waste pit is sealed and two of the city's ground water wells are placed on restricted use and eventually abandoned.
USGS publishes report on ground water in Alma . Data indicates that development of an additional supply of water to provide for normal development and growth during the next decade cannot be made within the present (1960) city limits. Areas southwest of town are most favorable for development of a new water supply.
New Water Treatment Plant proposed to community. City Commissioners approve 30 year bond in the amount of 1.2 million dollars for construction of plant to treat water taken from the Pine River and two existing wells.
Water Treatment Plant comes on line with new one million gallon ground storage reservoir and a new 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank.
New rules for the treatment of surface water ( Pine River ) prompt city officials to again look at ground water resources. Engineering consultant hired to perform study.
Hydrogeological study of Alma ground water begins. It is the goal of the city to discontinue the use of the Pine River in the near future and rely solely on groundwater as the treatment plants source water. Several test wells are drilled and analyzed for use as large production wells.
Construction begins on new Well #8 in Conservation Park . This well will provide an additional 900,000 gallons of water per day to the Water Treatment Plant when completed.
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