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No Show Policy


No-show – Any passenger who is unavailable for pick-up of a scheduled trip that has not notified Alma Transportation to cancel that trip.  Trips in which passengers will not be picked up due to circumstances related to service will not be considered a no-show.

 The Driver will wait for passengers for 3-4 minutes beyond the scheduled pick-up time.  Passengers who do not make themselves available within that window will be considered a no-show.  The Driver will make reasonable attempts to locate the passenger.  If the passenger cannot be located within 3-4 minutes, the Driver must contact the Dispatcher with the no-show information.  The Dispatcher has the responsibility to determine if the driver is to continue without the passenger. Upon permission to continue without the passenger, the Driver is to record the arrival time, departure time and vehicle mileage on the Daily Log. Passengers are responsible for any fares resulting from their no show prior to their next trip.  If a passenger accumulates $10 in no show fares, their riding privilege will be suspended until payment is received


Wait Time Policy


Wait time - any time spent awaiting passenger boarding after arrival at a scheduled pick-up address.

Passengers will be encouraged to be prepared for boarding at the scheduled pick-up time.  Passengers will be advised of a 20 minute window to expect the arrival of a driver. If a driver is unable to arrive during the established pick-up window, the dispatcher will be notified and the passenger contacted with a revised pick-up time.  Passengers may be advised to contact the transportation office to verify the time of arrival. In the event that a driver arrives at the scheduled pick-up point within the 20 minute window and the passenger has not presented themselves for boarding, drivers are to allow 3-4 minutes before contacting dispatch for further instructions.  Dispatch will review all available passenger information for possible schedule changes and advise the driver accordingly.  Driver log sheets will need to be completed as directed.


Passenger Assistance


Curb-to-curb:  demand response service wherein drivers are required only to arrive at a destination to allow for boarding and exiting of the vehicle.

Passengers requiring total assistance may be suggested by administration (but not required) to provide a personal care attendant.  Other instances of passenger assistance could include:Alma Transportation Center is a curb-to-curb transportation service.  Drivers are to maintain a line of sight to the vehicle and stay within a reasonable operating perimeter (approximately ten (10) feet) of the vehicle during the execution of their duties as public transit drivers.  This distance allows the driver to assist a passenger to board or exit a vehicle, operate the lift, or set packages at the curb. Drivers are strictly prohibited from entering the passenger’s home or any private residence under any circumstances.  

·      Vision impairments requiring guidance;

·       Passengers with mobility aids such as crutches or walkers;

·        Passengers with unseen balance problems or inner ear infections;

·        Frail or weakened passengers; and

·        Passengers in an ambulatory post-surgical status.

ATC drivers are encouraged to exercise professional customer service by offering assistance to all passengers.

 All drivers will observe the one step policy and will assist passengers up and down one step.



Articles and Packages/Restricted Items


Passengers have a carry-on limit of five (5) grocery bags. Drivers will assist passengers with packages, if necessary as defined in section 6.3 Passenger Assistance.  Drivers shall not be responsible for assisting with packages they deem to be too heavy. 

 All items must be small enough to be placed out of the aisles.  No big boxes, bulky items, or large bags that would be considered a ‘household move’ are permitted.

The following items are prohibited from transport:

         Explosive materials (i.e. ~ dynamite)

Combustible material (i.e. ~ gasoline)

Toxic materials (i.e. ~ volatile chemicals)

Vaporous materials (i.e. ~ pesticides)

Firearms (Michigan’s Concealed Carry Law will be enforced)

Un-caged animals, other than service animals

Merchandise that is too large to be held on passenger’s lap (i.e. lawnmowers, bicycles, bales of straw, etc.)

Large bulky items (i.e. furniture or extremely large boxes)

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