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Transfer of Ownership


Michigan law defines a “transfer of ownership” as “the conveyance of title to or present interest in property, including the beneficial use of the property”. Transfers of ownership include deeds, land contracts, distributions of estates, and a variety of other transactions.

Whenever a property transfer occurs, the new owner must file a Property Transfer Affidavit with the local assessor within 45 days of the transfer. The assessor must uncap the property's taxable value in the year immediately following the transfer.

Some transfers of ownership are exempt from uncapping. A transfer of residential real property is not a transfer of ownership if the transferee is related to the transferor by blood or affinity to the first degree* and the use of the residential real property does not change following the transfer of ownership.
You can find Property Transfer Affidavits above or in our forms section to download a file with the assessor's office.
*  Affinity to the first degree includes the following relationships:  spouse, father or mother, father or mother of the spouse, son or daughter, including adopted children and son or daughter of the spouse.
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