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Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Division is responsible for the proper treatment and disposal of sanitary sewer waste. This process includes the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant itself along with the operation and maintenance of fourteen sanitary sewer pump stations located throughout the City.
The sanitary sewer system of the City of Alma is actually composed of three distinct physical resources that together form the waste water system and the related treatment facility. This system is composed of the sanitary sewer mains located in streets, alleys, and other public right of ways; fourteen lift stations to pump and lift sewage in areas where gravity will not provide positive transport of the waste materials, and the most visible portion of the system which is the treatment plant itself. The sanitary sewer system is maintained by two different divisions of the Public Services Department. Sewer mains are cleaned and repaired by the Public Works Division. The balance of the system, namely the lift stations and the treatment plant, are operated and maintained by the Wastewater Treatment Division. Together these two divisions of the Public Service Department keep the sanitary sewer system operating and working properly.
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