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Yard Waste and Special Collections


Yard Waste


Yard waste will be collected from the first Monday in April through the third full week of October of each year in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. All yard waste must be separated from recycling materials and general refuse at the curbside.
  2. All grass clippings, leaves and other small loose trimmings from shrubs, trees or bushes must be placed in paper sacks or cardboard boxes (mandatory biodegradable containers) and/or multi-use containers clearly and permanently marked for "Yardwaste" (lettering 6 inch minimum) with a maximum size of 32 gallons and weight of 50 pounds. Multi-use containers cannot be 55-gallon drums nor 'cut down' barrels.
  3. All tree limbs must be placed in piles, not bundled, with all stems lying in the same direction. Large limbs, up to four (4) inches in diameter must be delimbed to reduce size for sufficient handling.
  4. Large tree limbs over four (4) inches in diameter, tree stumps, tree roots, or excessive quantities of branches from heavy tree trimming or tree removal will NOT be collected.  Plastic bags and unmarked containers will not be collected.
  5. Placement of yardwaste shall not obstruct sidewalks or public streets.
  6. Yardwaste material will be collected on each resident's normal garbage collection day. Materials should be placed out by 6:00 a.m. to ensure pickup.



The City has a compost pile located across from the Public Works facillity on Washington Street.  The compost is free and available for self loading.

Fall Leaf Collection


The City of Alma Fall leaf collection program will begin late October and run through the end of November. Property owners are asked to rake their leaves to the edge of the roadway for collection without putting them in containers. Leaves should not be placed in the traveled portion of the roadway or onto sidewalks or mixed with brush and other yard waste. Please do not place brush on or in leaf piles.

The City will collect the leaves twice during the program in accordance the attached revised schedule.
Additional information and the collection schedule will be published annually prior to commencing the service. This information can also be obtained by calling 463-8339 or 463-8346.

Christmas Tree Collection


The City of Alma provides a Christmas tree collection during the second full week of January each year. Residents are requested to place their tree out next to the roadway prior to their normal collection day of the designated week. All hardware and decorations must be removed.

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